About Us

Mojsa Restaurant is a family business that opened its doors on July 23rd, 2005. It is located on the main plaza of the city of Puno, on the second floor above where the traditional Puno Pharmacy stood for 35 years. The Pharmacy was successfully run by Dr. Enrique Nuñez Mendiguri, an emblematic persona in Puno’s community, known for his entrepreneurial spirit as well as his great effort to promote Puno’s athletics and culture. He was always accompanied by his faithful companion Rosa Santos Zubieta.

The growth of Mojsa Restaurant is due in great part to the effort of the Nuñez Santos family. We would also like to note that the family founded the Restaurant - Recuerdos de Titicaca and Discoteca Burbujas more than 25 years ago. These were the first of their kind in Puno, reaching great success due in part to the invitation of local, national and international artists.

The couple Enrique Nuñez Mendiguri and Rosa Santos Zubieta have two children, Ursula Nuñez Santos and Enrique Nuñez Santos. Ursula has a degree in nutrition and Enrique studied Hotel Administration in CENFOTUR and later completed his studies in the well known school Le Cordon Bleu- Peru. From their studies grew the idea of converting the 2nd floor of the Pharmacy into a tourist restaurant to provide services to an international audience.

In an effort to provide top rated quality service, the restaurant started with the support of family and friends who catered to our clients,preparing food and serving orders.


The work was a major sacrifice, but as with all entrepreneurial activities, determination and will gave birth to their creation. The restaurant is known for its personalized and familiar service as well as the quality of its dishes. Its principal objective is that every visitor in Mojsa Restaurant feels like they are at home and, in honor of the restaurant’s title meaning in the Aymara language, their visit translates into a “sweet and delicious” experience.

To date, we can state that our work has delivered success, our clients recognize us, hotels and agencies recommend us and we are most grateful to appear in all the tour guides in different languages, including Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor as one of the best options for restaurants in Puno.